Witness the Beauty and Splendor of Kyoto’s Magnificent Landmarks on a Free Walking Tour of Kyoto

Join us on a Kyoto Free Walking Tour and learn about the fascinating history of Japan’s former capital! From its humble beginnings as a small village to its days as the centre of Japanese politics and culture, Kyoto has long been an important part of Japanese history.

Kyoto Free Walking Tour was first settled in the 8th century, and by 794 it had become the capital of Japan. For over a thousand years, it remained the political and cultural centre of the country. Even today, many of Japan’s most famous temples and shrines are located in Kyoto.

During the Meiji period in the late 19th century, however, Japan’s capital was moved to Tokyo. Kyoto then became known as a city of tradition, while Tokyo was seen as a city of progress. This dichotomy between old and new is still evident today.

Kyoto is home to numerous historical landmarks, including more than 2,000 temples and shrines. The city also has a thriving arts scene, with many traditional handicrafts still being produced here. Join us on our walking tour and see for yourself why Kyoto is such a special place!


Kyoto is a city with a long and fascinating history. From its days as Japan’s capital to its current status as a city of tradition, there is much to learn about Kyoto. Our walking tour will take you to some of the city’s most important historical landmarks and give you a glimpse into its unique culture. Don’t miss out – sign up today!