Proven Benefits To Flexibility Training By Dr Wayne Lajewski

You don’t have to be a yoga instructor to understand the importance of flexibility training. Flexibility is the ability to move in multiple directions and it’s something everyone can benefit from.

Can Help Prevent Injury

Flexibility is important for both your muscles and joints, as it will improve your range of motion and allow you to perform better.

If you’re currently dealing with an injury or are trying to avoid one in the future, flexibility training can be an effective way to do so. It will also help you recover from an injury more quickly if it’s not too severe.

Improves Circulation And Healing

When you are flexible, the body is able to more easily move through its full range of motion, says Dr Wayne Lajewski. This means that muscles, tendons and ligaments are stretched out more efficiently, which can make them stronger in the long run. The increased blood flow that comes from increased flexibility also helps to reduce swelling after injury or surgery.

In addition to these benefits for healing injuries (and preventing new ones), regular stretching also increases lymph flow–the movement of fluid through your lymphatic system–which helps improve immune function by removing toxins from tissues throughout your body.

Reduces Stress

The muscles and joints are connected to the nervous system, so if your body is tight and contracted, it’s not only uncomfortable but also stressful on your body. Flexible people tend to feel less stressed than those who aren’t flexible because they are able to move through life more easily. When we’re stressed out or anxious, our muscles tighten up as a protective mechanism; this makes us feel even more tense and anxious! The opposite happens when we’re relaxed–our bodies get looser as a result of feeling good (and often happier).

Can Help Improve Strength And Balance

Dr Wayne Lajewski Flexibility training can help improve strength and balance. In fact, it may be the best way to increase your range of motion–and therefore your strength and balance. When you stretch your muscles, tendons and ligaments over time they become more flexible. This helps make movements easier because they’re no longer as tight or stiff; in turn, this leads to better posture, increased mobility at joints (like elbows or knees), and improved motor skills overall.