Marty Nothstein: The Rocky Balboa Of Lehigh County

Lehigh County is known for its beautiful landscapes, rolling hills, and stunning trails. It’s also known for producing world-class cyclists, some of whom have made a name for themselves in international competitions. Among them are a former professional road bicycle racer and track cyclist who grew up in the county and is now considered the Rocky Balboa of Lehigh County.

This athlete’s story is about passion, dedication, and hard work. He began his cycling career through the community programs at the Valley Preferred Cycling Center (formerly known as the Lehigh Valley Velodrome). From a young age, he showed a natural talent and drive for the sport and quickly rose.

But it wasn’t easy. This cyclist faced numerous challenges along the way. He trained tirelessly, often in harsh conditions and with limited resources. He faced tough competition, both nationally and internationally. And he suffered setbacks and injuries that could have ended his career.

But like Rocky Balboa, Marty Nothstein refused to give up. He continued to train and compete, pushing himself to his limits. He became known for his panache, passion, and drive to succeed. And he proved that everything necessary for Olympic success was available in his backyard, without having to relocate for training.

This athlete’s accomplishments are nothing short of remarkable. He is regarded as the most outstanding track cyclist in the history of the United States, setting world and Olympic records along the way. He won numerous national championships, Pan Am Games gold medals, and world championships. And he won Olympic silver and gold medals in a historic race in Sydney, Australia.

Marty Nothstein But his legacy doesn’t end there. After retiring from professional cycling, he became the executive director of the Valley Preferred Cycling Center. He helped turn it around by increasing community and professional cycling programs and revenue dollars. He became a passionate conservationist, protecting over 500 acres of property from development and chairing the Lehigh County farmland preservation board.

In many ways, this cyclist’s story embodies the spirit of Lehigh County: hardworking, dedicated, and fiercely proud of its roots. And like Rocky Balboa, he proved that anything is possible with enough passion, determination, and heart.