Lou Hampers: When Should You Take Your Child To A Pediatrician?

Taking your child to a pediatrician is one of the most important steps you can take in providing them with quality medical care. Knowing when to take your child to a pediatrician can be difficult for parents, but understanding the benefits of regular visits and recognizing the signs of medical issues can help you make the best decisions for your child’s health.

When Should You Go to the Pediatrician?

Pediatrician Dr. Lou Hampers states that taking your child to the pediatrician depends on your child’s age. Newborns are particularly vulnerable to health problems, so it is particularly important to take them to the doctor as soon as possible. You should schedule regular visits with your pediatrician within the first two weeks of your baby’s birth, and every two weeks after that until your child is at least two months old.

On the other hand, infants have different conditions. Beyond the first few weeks, you should also take your child to their pediatrician one to two times per month. This could be once or twice a month based on your child’s age and health concerns.

Benefits of Regular Pediatric Appointments

First, pediatricians have the opportunity to quickly diagnose many health concerns in children because of their age. Parents often don’t notice the first signs of a serious problem, like a head injury, because they are so subtle. By taking your child to their pediatrician regularly, you can quickly identify any potential health concerns before it becomes serious problem.

As your child grows and develops, they are likely to need different treatments than an older child would. Having regular pediatric appointments allows pediatricians to keep up to date on your child’s growth, development, and health needs, which allows them to provide the best treatment plan possible.

Lou Hampers Finally, pediatricians have the unique opportunity to get to know your child on a much deeper level than other medical professionals. Although most doctors receive some type of training related to children, they may not have the same level of comfort around your child. By taking your child to the pediatrician regularly, you can ensure that you are receiving the best care possible and understanding your child’s unique needs.