Finding Authentic and Ethically-Sourced Zebra skin


For years and years, the zebra is a icon of the vast and diverse continent of Africa. In African mythology, zebra skin is believed to keep certain wonderful qualities that can bring good fortune, curing, and security. Let’s check out these marvelous attributes and discover how they are utilised within African tradition.

The strength of Protection

In standard African countries, zebra skin was thought to have defensive power. It was considered to ward off bad spirits and also bring best of luck. This idea stemmed from the idea that zebras are watchful pets with enthusiastic eyesight, so their skins could be employed to protect against bad omens or harm. It was also believed when you hung a bit of zebra skin over your home, it would keep away any unfavorable power or awful good fortune which may make an effort to get into your house.

The Healing Probable

Zebra skin was also believed to have got recovery capabilities and a lot of men and women tried it for medical functions. It absolutely was thought that should you touched a piece of zebra skin with your left hand 3 x in succession and then rubbed it by using an wounded aspect of your body, it might mend whatever health problem you were suffering from. In a few ethnicities, the the ears or tail hair had been even extracted from the zebra conceal to use in folk remedies for many different diseases or ailments.

The Employment as Decoration

Ultimately, several African countries utilized items of zebra conceal as decor or adornments within their residences or communities. Individuals would often hang strips of zebra cover up in their dwellings to indicate prosperity and wealth or to remember substantial occasions like wedding ceremonies or births. Components of this unique substance were also sometimes designed into apparel goods such as dresses or shawls that could be donned by tribal seniors in the course of significant events or rituals.


Zebra cover is a huge component of African culture for hundreds of years and is constantly carry a significant area in a lot of traditional thinking these days. From delivering protection from terrible fortune to possessing curing capabilities, the mystical attributes connected with this excellent fabric happen to be passed on down through decades yet still continue to be relevant today within a lot of African ethnicities around the world. Whether or not it’s used for adornment or protection, one thing is certain—zebra hide holds a special area in African culture that should never be neglected!