Dr. Paul Drago – Providing Specialist Medical Knowledge

Otolaryngology is the branch of medicine that deals with diseases and conditions of the ear, nose and throat. A consultant otolaryngologist is a doctor who has specialized in this area of medicine and has many years of experience. They have also completed further specialist training after qualifying as a GP or consultant physician (also known as an internist).
Applying Specialist Expertise
Dr. Paul Drago Otolaryngology consultant provides specialist expertise in the diagnosis and treatment of patients, as well as observation of the law. As an expert in your field you can use your knowledge to direct others toward a more effective way of doing things. You may be called upon to give expert testimony in court or you may be asked for advice by colleagues regarding specific treatments or diagnoses. Your experience will enable you to provide better care for your patients than someone without such experience could give them.
Dr. Paul Drago has had extensive experience treating ear infections, as well as other conditions that affect the ears and hearing. He has an excellent reputation for helping patients who suffer from chronic ear problems, such as recurrent infections or hearing loss.
● You will be expected to provide specialist medical knowledge and expertise, but you will also need to recognize when to refer patients, observe the law and apply specialist expertise.
● If a patient requires treatment that you are not qualified to perform yourself, you should always refer them to an appropriate practitioner or service. You should also consider whether they need further investigation or treatment before making a recommendation.
● A good guide is that if it takes longer than one hour for a health professional with no relevant experience or training in treating this condition (e.g., ear surgery), then they should not undertake such procedures themselves without seeking assistance from another health care professional who has appropriate knowledge and expertise of such procedures.